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The Creator, Milana


Welcome!! I am delighted to have you here! I go by Milana and my name sign is "cookie" in ASL, but pronounced "Milana" (or however you pronounce it - I am a proud 2nd generation Deaf). My roots are currently in Austin, Texas with a combination of New York + Ukraine blood.

I fell in love with macrame art when I attended a craft show and decided to learn how to knot by reading book/watching video tutorials during the very beginning of pandemic before I created my freestyle macrame. I create wall arts, car rear view mirror hangers, jewelries, plant hangers, keychains and more that can’t be found in store with high quality pure cotton macrame cords I got from my top rated vendors.

Let me help you get your first macrame, get gifts arranged, or perhaps, need more to expand your collection. I also do custom orders. If you prefer something customized, please fill out the Custom Order form. I look forward to conversing with you.

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